Custom-modifying ERP software to upgrade it.

It’s true: we can help you upgrade your company’s accounting system software by custom-modifying its parameters.  

You’ve spent years acquiring and deploying your hardware and software. It might now simply require some additional bandwidth options or re-programming to refresh it. There’s no need to scrap your entire accounting system simply because companies like Sage decided it was more profitable for them to phase it out for upgraded versions of the base software.

Did you even know that you can keep it?

Really — it’s not destined for the trash-heap just because it’s unsupported. You can simply update it.

Many versions of ERP software are able to be enhanced and improved with some custom-modifications from Concierge IT Services by IBC.

IBC professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best options tailored to your business. We fix & modify SBT, Sage, VisionPoint, and ACCPAK accounting systems — even if they are older or unsupported versions.

Let’s discuss your exact needs. Often, once we improve and custom-enhance your existing, still-working legacy systems, they will work as good as new (or better!).

We can also add the newest EDI modules, marketing / ecommerce features and integrate newer upgrades of hardware or server components seamlessly. 


Concierge IT Services (a division of  | IBC |  Innovative Business Concepts, Inc. Los Angeles, CA USA 


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